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Welcome to OM Spa Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago

Hair loss can be difficult to go through for any man and even for those women who suffer from thinning hair, but now there are several solutions to take care of the problem. OM Spa Hair Micropigmentation Chicago has a permanent, non-invasive solution for the scalp, beard, or other body hair loss that is revolutionary. Hair micropigmentation can recreate the appearance of hair follicles on a permanent basis.

This is a hair tattoo that is applied to the uppermost epidermal layer that remains permanently in place and provides a realistic hairline in the case of scalp micropigmentation. The procedure is easily done on any part of the body to instill a greater sense of confidence while achieving the look that is desired.

For women with thinning hair, they can once again have the look of a full head of hair. For men who have a patchy beard, a full beard can be achieved on a permanent basis through beard micropigmentation in Chicago. And the process can be completed in a short time regardless of gender, age, or hair color.

OM SCALP Hair Micropigmentation Chicago is renowned for providing the greatest hair replacement treatment by expert technicians using the most cutting edge tools and techniques available. Whether it is facial micropigmentation or hair tattoo in Chicago, we are the leader in life-changing hair manipulation techniques.

Experiencing emotional pain and reduced self-esteem from hair loss? Exhausted by trying different powders, hair fillers, and toupees? Thankfully, you no longer need to suffer! Find out about the affordable procedure of scalp micropigmentation Chicago residents are raving about. Speak with our experts today; you can request a color spot test on your first visit to ensure a precise hair color match. Gain a new sense of self-confidence and instantly feel great again!

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OMSPA – Our Hair Micropigmentation Chicago Services

Hair loss doesn’t have to define you. While there are a number of hair restoration techniques to help you rebuild your confidence by giving you the youthful appearance you want, only OM SCALP Hair Micropigmentation Chicago offers hair micropigmentation and hair tattoo. It’s a permanent solution to hair loss or thinning hair throughout your body regardless of age or gender. Speak to us about any of the hair tattoo options we offer in Chicago.

We also do areola nipple tattoos for man, skin and lips camouflage and scar camouflage.


Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago

For men or women who have hair loss or thinning hair, scalp micropigmentation in Chicago can give you a more youthful look and your confidence back.

Hairline Tattoo

Hairline Tattoo Chicago

If you still have your hair but are concerned about a receding hairline, OM Spa can fix it. We provide a hairline tattoo in Chicago to restore your hairline.

Beard Micropigmentation

Beard Micropigmentation Chicago

If growing the beard you want seems impossible, our facial micropigmentation Chicago is the perfect solution. You will have a permanent beard instantly for the look you want.

Body Hair Tattoo

Body Hair Tattoo

We don’t often think of adding hair anywhere other than the scalp but for many men, chest hair is an important feature. That’s why our body hair tattoo in Chicago is so helpful.

Hair Micropigmentation Chicago Financing Options

We accept cash, check and credit cards for our scalp micropigmentation Chicago services.

We offer 6 or 12 months financing via Care Credit.

Financing Options

We accept cash, check and credit cards.

Why Choose OM SCALP for the Best Hair Tattoo Chicago Has to Offer

Microblading Scalp Chicago Professionals

With years of hands-on experience providing hair micropigmentation in Chicago and internationally, OM Spa is widely recognized for innovation, professionalism, and skill that cannot be replaced. When it comes to scalp micropigmentation, you can trust the expertise we have from years of training and practice.

Caring Hair Tattoo Chicago Customer Service

At OM Spa, you can expect to receive a warm and inviting approach to help you feel comfortable. We care about more than simply providing hair micropigmentation in Chicago. Our team cares about your complete well-being so you can have the service you need with peace of mind.

Free Consultation for Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago

We will always provide a free consultation to discuss the hair micropigmentation in Chicago that is right for you. In an open exchange, we will determine your wants and needs so that we may provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago Portfolio

What clients say about Our Hair Micropigmentation Chicago

Molly Phelps

Trying to find the right hairstyle that could hide my thinning hair drove me crazy every day and it only kept getting worse. Then I found OM SCALP Hair Micropigmentation Chicago. Their hair tattoo technique allows me to feel great about my hair and know that I look great when I go out with my husband. They explained everything completely and after only a couple of sessions, my hair looked great.

Michael Gross

As a transgender man, my appearance as a man is important to me but I could never grow a full beard without help. OM Spa provided me with that help through their facial micropigmentation Chicago service. My beard looks sharp and gives me the appearance I have wanted for years. This technique has given me the final piece of my complete gender reorientation not only through my beard but also emotionally, which has dramatically raised my confidence level.

David Jackson

I have been losing my hair since I was a teen but now with OM Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago, I have the look of a full head of hair that is neat, tidy, and gives me my confidence back. The process was easy and they made me feel very comfortable.

Timothy Weatherholt

OM SCALP provided me with a hairline tattoo in Chicago that restored my hairline to where it was in my twenties. I look and feel fantastic and I am so appreciative of their great work. This is the best hairline tattoo Chicago clinic.

How to Get to OM SCALP Micropigmentation Clinic

We Offer More Than Just Hair Tattoo Chicago

man eyebrows3

At OMSPA, we are well-known and highly regarded for our permanent makeup in Chicago. With incredible knowledge, skill, and attention to detail, we provide various services for permanent makeup, including microblading and areola 3D medical tattoos in Chicago.

There is no better way to achieve the look you want than the experts at OMSPA for your eyeliner and lips permanent makeup in Chicago. We are internationally recognized for the most cutting-edge tools and the exceptional skill we use for all our permanent makeup Chicago. Simply consult with us about your needs and we can suggest the best permanent makeup procedure for you.

If you want something different for your business, contact OMSPA for the best microblading classes in Chicago or Scalp Micropigmentation. Taught in small groups by a certified expert known globally for amazing skill and the use of the best equipment possible, our microblading training will give you the experience you need to feel confident about offering your clients more options.

Learning from our microblading classes in Chicago can provide you with that boost you need for your business and we will be there for you every step of the way. From unmatched professional instruction to live model microblading training Chicago, you will learn and practice the skills you need with OMSPA by your side.


Advantages of Our Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago

Everyone dreams of being beautiful at any age. At OM Spa, beauty and skincare are what we serve. Over the years, we have crafted our services and products to cater to different skin types and tolerances to serve men and women with the best quality. Aside from our famous permanent makeup service, we also offer hair and facial services that focus on pampering our male clients. 

We provide scalp hair micropigmentation, hairline tattoo, hair transplant, and hair loss treatment to bring back men’s confidence and even give them that wow factor. For the face, we offer beard micropigmentation and facial micropigmentation for that added appeal and youthful glow. At OM Spa, we give men the spark they deserve. Consult today!

Scalp Micropigmentation & Hairline Tattoo for Women

Many men turn to micropigmentation to improve the appearance of their scalp. Fortunately, our hair loss treatment is not only limited to men. Women can benefit from a scalp micropigmentation or hairline tattoo to enhance their hairline or make their crowning glory look more vibrant and healthy. Along the way, this helps boost self-esteem in the long-run minus the need for frequent retouching. 

For women scalp micropigmentation in Chicago, a pointillism style is applied to create natural looking hair follicles with tiny, layered dots. As an effect, the scalp can have a more natural-looking depth and definition. Aside from pure aesthetics, our women hairline tattoo treatment in Chicago serves an extensive purpose for women who suffer from any of the following illnesses or disorders: thinning hair, alopecia, cancer, and pattern baldness.

If you are looking for women hair loss treatment Chicago, contact our licensed micropigmentation specialists. Consult us today!

women scalp micropigmentation Chicago