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Om SPA LLC, Katarzyna Tansey, 5910 A. W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630 Phone: 1 (773) 641 3373

Om SPA LLC, Katarzyna Tansey and her independent contractors, affiliates are properly trained and licensed for their trade and business, but we are not a medical professional, so please, seek medical attention immediately in a case of symptoms of infection or allergy; the area looks infected when honey colored crusting and excessive oozing or spreading redness, if you experience an unusual discomfort or excessive bleeding, excessive redness, swelling, tenderness of procedure site, elevated body temperature, rash or purulent drainage from procedure site or if any other complications develop. If you have any extreme reaction (such as moderate to severe facial swelling, moderate to severe rash, any difficulty breathing, or you are in any distress) call 911 and go to the emergency department. Please note that some redness, swelling, and tenderness, oozing and itching is normal process of healing. Please read details below .For any other concerns please contact OM SPA.


Day 1-3 Pigment appears much darker than expected. You are going to lose about 30% of it within first 5 to 7 days. Skin on scalp is red and tender. How long the redness will last, depends of your skin sensitivity; for some of the clients can be only a few hours
Day 3 You might start experiencing some of itchiness and increased scalp dryness due to healing process. DO NOT scratch! Do not pick any freshly formed scabs!
Day 4-5 The redness and tenderness should be gone within a few hours or days, depending on your skin sensitivity; you still might experience excessive scalp dryness and cracking skin. Your scalp will form tiny scabs like a dandruff size, and they’re start to flake off slowly. Do not pick or remove nor exfoliate. Let them fall off by it-self.
Day 5 Pigment is shading a lot, showing much lighter results than right after procedure.
Day 6-7 your scalp’s skin still can keep peeling a little bit; however, most of pigment should be gone. You can now comeback to the facility to complete your next scalp micro pigmentation session.

*Apply given A+D ointment on the treated scalp/beard area with very thin layer( a size of pea) twice per day. Use clean cotton gauze or cotton swabs for the application. Do not touch with your dirty hands!
*Do not use any SPF until scalp is not healed, no Neosporin or bacitracin!
*Do not wet your head for 6 days however express rinse with antibacterial soap its ok, than pat dry with clean paper towel. After that you can regularly wash scalp with a baby shampoo.
*Do not use any exfoliating products. Do not shave head for a week.
*Do not dye , bleach your hair for at least 14 days . Inform your hairstylist you have smp procedure done.
*Always inform your MRI tech about having procedure done.
*Keep head cover if you wish with loosen scar or wear clean hat.
*Do not use any kabuki powder or pieces or wigs trough smp process.
*Comeback for your touch up within 14to 30 days