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Dear Om SPA Scalp Client:
Congratulations and thank you for choosing Om SPA for your Micro pigmentation Procedure! We aim for total and complete satisfaction, so we want to provide you with the following pre- care instructions. Following these guidelines will ensure that you have prepared your scalp as best as possible to receive optimal results. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our consultant at 773 641 3373. I look forward to helping you through this process.
* Wash your scalp with a non-abrasive, gentle shampoo the week prior to your procedure. If experiencing breakouts on your scalp we are not a medical establishment, so we are not allowed to suggest what to use for any problems or disorders. Instead see a dermatologist or appropriate medical doctor to resolve this issue prior to your procedure.
* After washing the scalp, moisturize the skin with some form of skin moisturizer (Aquaphor, Nivea etc) to keep skin hydrated. Doing so will allow the ink to be properly absorbed.
Do not use ointment at the procedure day!
* Refrain from sun tanning to avoid burning and peeling of the skin.
* Focus on relaxing and get a good night’s rest before your procedure.
* Do not drink alcohol or caffeine in any form 24h before every session (it can cause bleeding and results with poor pigment retention)
* Eat a hearty meal before your procedure.
* If you are extremely sensitive to pain, seek medical advice prior to procedure.
* You may bring a clean hat or scarf to loosely cover your head after the treatment, if so desired, but not recommended
* Hair Piece – Please do not wear a hair piece at least 5-7 days prior to your
scheduled procedure. As wearing a hair piece may limit oxygen flow to the scalp and the ink may not be fully absorbed into the follicle.
* Hair Length – Please contact your artist prior to the procedure to discuss proper hair length the day of the scheduled procedure. In majority cases we request buzzed look (around 1 or 2 days of hair growth)
* Skin/Hair Preparation – Please do not use a razor on your scalp within 24 hours of the scheduled procedure. It is critical that we see all native hair in order to properly blend the hair follicles.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us to
A healthy scalp is a must in achieving the best, long lasting results.