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Does It Matter What Colour Your Hair Is For Scalp Micropigmentation?

The technique of scalp micropigmentation Chicago salons offer keeps increasing its popularity among people looking for hair loss solutions. This can be attributed to the benefits it brings, including its versatility for both men and women, the organic look it provides, and to being a long-term solution for a variety of hair issues such as thinning hair, receding hairline, and alopecia.

Does It Matter What Color Your Hair Is For Scalp Micropigmentation?

A common question that the experts in hair micropigmentation Chicago are frequently asked is whether this technique can match different hair colors. Does hair color matter for scalp micropigmentation? Below we discuss typical concerns from customers regarding the color of hair microblading, and the procedures that hair makeup artists follow in order to match the pigments with the natural color of your hair. 

What Kind Of Ink Is Used In Scalp Micropigmentation?

Professional scalp micropigmentation requires a special ink called pigment. Even though most people consider this procedure a hair tattoo Chicago artists can perform, it differs in the materials used. As opposed to the composite sources that make up the ink used in traditional tattoos, pigments are organic ink. This means its main component is carbon, which won’t fade into blue and green shades as time passes by. It also maintains its hue and saturation, making it a long-term treatment. 

How Do Pigments Match The Hair Color?

Every customer has their own needs and preferences, and the expert artists in scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago has worked hard to achieve a natural color. The blending process consists of diluting the black carbon-based pigment in distilled water until the desired shade is attained. The shade of the pigment depends on the amount of water added. 

Scalp Micropigmentation For Blond Hair And Light Skin

If you are wondering whether scalp micropigmentation works with blond hair, the answer is a straight yes. Customers with blond color can also be benefited from the procedure of hairline tattoo Chicago beauty experts recommend. By using a minimal amount of distilled water, a light shade can be achieved. As the amount of water has to be very accurate, it is added with the help of a syringe. Experienced artists will also take into consideration the skin tone when matching the pigment, in order to achieve a perfectly natural look. 

Can I Change The Color Of My Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment? 

Yes, it is possible to change the color of hair micropigmentation. One thing that makes scalp micropigmentation one of the preferred options of hair loss treatment Chicago residents have, is that it is customizable according to your preferences. You can choose aspects like the shape of your hairline, the color of the pigment, and hair density between fuller, thicker hair and a semi-shaved look. During the touch-up you can also ask to change the tone of the pigment for a lighter or darker shade if you feel that the hair you are expecting has not been achieved. 


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