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How To Get That Perfect Shave Every Time?

Your first scalp micropigmentation Chicago treatment may leave you confused about your look. To maintain this fresh appearance professionals recommend keeping your hair short. Depending on how fast your hair grows will determine how much you should shave.

Shaving or trimming your hair contributes to your natural hair look. If you suffer from male pattern baldness you need to shave more frequently because small hair growth creates the false appearance of depth. Don’t let your hair grow too long because this can accentuate the treated area. Here are some shaving techniques you should use.

Using Electric Shaver
Hair clippers and electric shavers are very similar but electric shavers have more convenience and are portable. Electric shavers give you the ability to shave while you’re traveling. Electric shavers also have an easier clean-up process and give you better control when shaving.

Because of its portability, an electric shaver is handy for frequent travelers or people who leave home for work. You can keep a fresh shave wherever you are.

There are two types of electric shavers: foil shavers and rotary shavers. For a close shave after scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago use foil shavers as they are less likely to cause skin irritation. For a long-lasting shave, you want to use rotary blade shavers.

Wet Shaving With a Razor
You will get the cleanest results when wet shaving with a razor. Hair micropigmentation Chicago appears more genuine when shaving your head with a razor. Once you shave your head clean areas that were treated become even with your total scalp. This resembles natural hair stubble. Shaving your hair daily is not a necessity. The clean shave that razors provide keeps your hair from growing too fast.

Be sure to use a razor to get the full benefits of wet razor shaving. Shave your hair in the morning using hot water to clean your head before getting a haircut. Using hot water makes it easier to get a clean razor shave. Another thing you can use before is shower gel. Shower gel gives you an even better clean than hot water.

Why Should You Maintain a Clean Shave After Scalp Micropigmentation?

To make sure your scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago treatment gives you the results you want you have to take good care of your scalp. Shaving on schedule keeps you with a fresh look.

Maintaining a Natural Look
Hair tattoo Chicago gives you the most natural-looking results as long as you regularly perform careful shaves. This is one reason SMP technicians recommend shaving after a treatment. This is even more true in men. A clean shave hides bald spots and helps to maintain your hairline tattoo Chicago.

Easily Maintain Your Hair
Hairline microblading Chicago does not require expert skills or a lot of money. Shaving is important to keep a good look without spending money or time going to the barbershop. Fresh buzz-cuts after hair tattoo Chicago only require a good washing and wax for a shiny look.

Keep a Stylish and Cohesive Look
If you fail to keep a clean, even shave your hair may look thicker and darker than the SMP pigment in certain cases. This is the opposite intended effect of the treatment. This grown hair develops a contrast that reduces the intentional blended look. Keeping your hair shaved clean helps to give you a more appealing appearance.

A fresh, clean shave is also a way to maintain scalp micropigmentation authentic for a long time. Make sure you get guidance from your SMP technician right after you start treatment. Professionals can give you quality advice in the event that you encounter any after-effects.

If you are interested in hair loss treatment Chicago or want to find out more information contact OMSPA scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago. We provide quality results at your convenience.

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