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Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation Over Hair Transplant?

When faced with hair loss, a lot of people wonder what is the best option to restore their hairline and enhance their appearance. Some of these options include scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant. But which one is better? For you to understand better, we’ll explain the process. 

Scalp micropigmentation Chicago is a process where a skilled practitioner injects pigment directly into the scalp. The result will give you an effect of a thicker and fuller scalp of hair. Scalp hair micropigmentation is an optical illusion. The pigment used is darker than the actual hair to give you a three-dimensional and textured look. To achieve successful and fuller hair results, the process requires multiple treatments. 

 What Makes This Better Than Hair Transplants?

There are many options in fighting hair loss, but what makes scalp micropigmentation better than hair transplant are the following.

Firstly, the non-invasive SMP procedure is easier and has a quicker process compared to the transplant procedure. Micropigmentation is non-surgical, while hair transplant Chicago requires multiple surgical procedures, and the cost of surgical procedures and aftercare may be costly. 

Secondly, there is a big difference when it comes to the duration of the procedure. Scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago takes multiple appointments from two to three hours, depending on the size of the balding area. Each appointment should have a break to naturally let the pigment set in the scalp. On the other hand, a hair transplant requires a whole day process. The surgery itself takes about eight to ten hours. In addition, the anesthesia will take some time to wear off, and post-surgery sometimes includes an overnight stay in the clinic plus recovery time at home. 

Thirdly, hair micropigmentation Chicago is less painful than hair transplant. While you don’t feel anything when undergoing a hair transplant because of the anesthesia, the next few days after the surgery would be painful. Our hair tattoo Chicago professionals implant the pigments only on the skin’s upper dermis which causes much less pain. 

 Who Are The Best Candidates?

Everyone suffering from hair loss can benefit from the scalp micropigmentation Chicago process. Men and women who choose to keep their hair short are the best candidates for SMP. The process also works well for people with thinning hair. Our process shades the scalp and gives an illusion to the thinning areas to blend with your actual hair. Our process will make your scalp look healthy and full. People who suffer from alopecia can also benefit from scalp micropigmentation Chicago to help those patches blend with the surrounding hair.

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