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Here Are a Few Tips for Shaving After Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Having a favorite hairstyle is common amongst most people and having a scalp micropigmentation Chicago treatment doesn’t take that away from you. A good question to ask is what are the dos and don’ts of shaving once you get SMP? Here are some things to think about after you get a scalp micropigmentation to maximize your look. 

Thinning sides 

SMP is a great choice for scalps that begin to thin out on the sides. The way this is done is by adding more definition to the hair at the top. If you employ a tapered or faded style but your hair is thicker on the top, getting a scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago can work wonders for you. 

Thinning on top

Another option is to use this same hair tattoo Chicago procedure to the top of your head. This will blend your thinning areas with the thicker hair causing a more appealing look. When this is done you have endless possibilities of how to wear your hair while looking completely natural. 

Fully shaved head 

Men who have got hair micropigmentation Chicago done usually choose a natural-looking shaved head style to compliment their hairline tattoo. If you have visible bald spots or a hairline that recedes, professionals can reshape your hair to fit your face in an organic way that looks natural when the job is complete. An electric shaver is great for getting rid of unwanted hairs you may encounter. When you combine this with hair loss treatment Chicago the results are amazing. 

If you want to get a full shaved look, here are three methods you can implement to maintain it on your own at home: 

  • Hair Clippers – For new shavers, this is a more convenient method than using razors. One reason for this is that your scalp is less likely to be irritated with this approach.
  • Electric shaver – Because the blades are smaller this process is a little more tedious to undertake and requires several swipes over your scalp. Pick between a rotary shaver with longer blades and a foil shaver that gives you a closer shave. 
  • Wet shaving – Experts recommend this option over the other ones because it leads to a cleaner cut. Making this move leads to less skin irritation and better results for hairline microblading Chicago.

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