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How long does hairline microblading last?

Hair micropigmentation, which involves embedding pigment into the skin, is a process that first became popular in semi-permanent hair tattoos and was used to greatly improve on the appearance of hair loss or thinning along the eyebrows. Now, it has gained rapid popularity as an option for hair loss along the hairline, crown or temples and can give an appearance of thicker tresses.

The goal of our company is to provide the hairline tattoo Chicago using techniques artfully blended to give customers the most natural-looking outcome, incorporating your existing hair in a seamless manner that leaves lasting results for as long as possible.

Several factors must be taken into consideration in order to know how long scalp micropigmentation results will last. Sun exposure which can lighten the initial color, skin type (dry vs oily), hair-cleansing routine (daily vs weekly washing), and other actions can cause an impact on the results, causing them to remain longer or for the pigment to leave the skin quicker.

Among experts, some claim scalp hair micropigmentation treatments last up to a year, although this can vary on each individual’s rate of skin shedding as well. Months later after the initial appointment, it is common for most establishments to offer touch up sessions or additional perfecting sessions in order to achieve the expected final look that each customer desires.

Both men and women are using our professional, comfortable setting to gain the proper care and space in order to take advantage of this minimally invasive treatment that handles any of your lingering insecurities or long-standing  corrections that you may need to areas such as a receding hairline or bald spots. Even large areas of the scalp can be treated with multiple sessions schedules to cover all the areas needed.

Do not hesitate to schedule your initial consultation, have your questions and concerns addressed by a professional, and take the necessary steps towards successfully completing your hair micropigmentation journey in a way that meets all your expectations.

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