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How can I stop hair loss?

 Hair loss is a very common condition, with roughly two-thirds of all men experiencing the condition, as well as many women. And with so many ways to try to stop the problem, many of which don’t work, hair loss treatment in Chicago can be confusing and frustrating. Here is how you can handle your hair loss in the best ways possible, whether you are a man or a woman so that you can feel confident about your appearance once again.

Prescription Medications

There are a couple of prescriptions you can ask your doctor about for your hair loss treatment in Chicago. Finasteride and Minoxidil can work to stimulate blood flow and may even initiate new hair growth, but there may be side effects and results might not meet your expectations.

Laser Hair Comb

While it is not completely understood, the use of a laser hair comb three times per week may serve to reduce antioxidants in the hair follicles to significantly increase the hair density. Again, however, because it is not fully understood, it is difficult to say with great certainty that it can work for extreme cases.

Hair Transplant

Many people have had a hair transplant in Chicago. It is one sure way to achieve the look you want. By taking hair follicles from the back and sides of the head and implanting them into the scalp with enough hair to give the appearance of a full scalp. Hair growth can also be stimulated in those areas that are still growing for future transplants. Not everyone can afford the procedure as it can be quite costly.

Scalp Hair Micropigmentation

For a permanent solution that is affordable and can offer the appearance of a full head of hair in scalp micropigmentation in Chicago. This is by far the most reliable method for hair loss treatment in Chicago, which provides the look of real hair that is trimmed short on the scalp. There is no concern about getting it wet and touching the head, as the hair is tattooed to the scalp to achieve a natural look.

Trust your local professional with scalp hair micropigmentation in Chicago for the best way to regain that full hair look you want without any lasting side effects.

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