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How to Prepare for Your Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago Treatment

Keep in mind that in order to have a successful treatment, the area must be strong, non-sensitive, or non-irritated, and very healthy. To prepare you for the treatment, here are some of the things you must follow to achieve the best scalp micropigmentation Chicago possible.

  • Avoid anything that might thin your blood. That means liquors, caffeine, and energy drinks. Taking these can make the blood thin and will create more bleeding during the procedure. 
  • Aspirin and Ibuprofen prevent your blood from clotting. These can cause the hair tattoo to bleed more and feel less comfortable. In addition, the blood will mix with the pigment, and then it’s going to dilute it. 
  • Oily fish, herbal teas can also make the blood thinner. Avoid drinking these things the night or morning before your scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago procedure.


Preparation for Full Scalp Procedure

  • Cut your hair before the full head scalp micropigmentation process. Scalp micropigmentation works best on shaved scalps. Do it the day before the process, and grades 0-2 to shave are recommended. 
  • Do not tan and avoid having a sunburned face two weeks before the procedure.
  • Do not work out the day before the procedure to avoid having excessive oils. These can prevent the pigment from retaining.
  • Exfoliate your scalp the night before the procedure. 


Preparation for Hair Densification Procedures

  • Shower before the treatment, and make sure to wash your hair thoroughly. 
  • Make sure your hair is free from any serum, oil, or wax products on the day of the procedure.
  • Women may leave their current hair length no need to shave them.
  • No hair dyeing for 3 weeks before the procedure.


To Minimise Discomfort

  • Relax the night before your treatment. Make sure to have enough sleep. 
  • Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water before the procedure to allow the skin to accept the ink more easily. 


On the day

  • Eat a good breakfast before your hair micropigmentation Chicago procedure. 
  • If you are worried about the pain and inflammation, take a dose of paracetamol before the session.
  • When getting a tattoo, your blood sugar level drops, so you might want to consider bringing a sugary drink or snack.
  • You can listen to music, bring a book, or browse through your phone to distract yourself during the procedure.
  • Talk to the professionals and let them know about your allergies.

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