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Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Used for Your Beard?

With every season, fashion changes and have made different comebacks. There are many men sporting beards currently, and they look handsome, which makes beards becoming the latest trend. Now, what will you do if your facial hair lacks thickness?

Some men lose facial hair due to their age or lifestyle but still want to flaunt a beard. The best solution for them is beard micropigmentation Chicago. Using this technique can sport a thick beard or get the appearance of stubble. 

With facial micropigmentation Chicago, we will make sure to match the skin tone and facial hair color. The pigments are placed to fill in bald patches, giving you the look of a 5 o’clock shadow with a natural beard by evenly blending the stubble.

Our facial hair micropigmentation Chicago can be used to treat alopecia as well. Men who are suffering from thinning beards or mustaches will benefit from it. When your beard is graying due to age, we are here to help you port a beard that makes you look younger.

Get the look you seek with our professional team; whether it is a full beard or a goatee, we got you covered!



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