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The Truth About FUE Hair Transplant: Myths, Realities, and Choosing the Right Procedure for You

“Scarless” FUE has been said to exist, which is obviously not true. There are scars, but they shouldn’t be easy to see even if you cut your hair very short. One of the best things about FUE is that hair can be worn very close to the head, and most of the time, the tiny white dots that are scars can’t be seen unless you run your fingers over the scalp. A lot of FUE doctors try to sell FUE by saying how bad FUT linear strip scars are and how amazing it is that FUE leaves almost no scars or very few. A lot of people are talking about FUE and FUT, which makes me sad. I think it’s essential to look at the pros and cons of both methods in a fair way so that you can choose the one that might work best for you. It says on this page that if a FUE operator only does FUE, that’s all you get. In the same way, if a FUT operator only does FUT, that’s all they do. I think it’s important to find a surgeon who can do both types of surgery so that they can make the right one for you so we recommend checking with OSMPA. In this case, I wouldn’t use the robot for eyebrow grafts even though I have it for FUE harvesting. I don’t think it works well enough for that. Too often, I’ve seen robotic or FUE surgery go wrong just because that’s what the surgeon does for a living. As long as you only do FUE, anyone can stand for it. Almost every week, I don’t see truly ruined heads from bad FUE done by different FUE practitioners in different states. What kind of damage am I seeing? A lot of things. A big, rectangular area of hair loss on the back of the head is what I see in the worst case. A straight donor strip scar, on the other hand, can usually be hidden, but this kind of overharvesting can’t be fixed. The source area is totally destroyed, leaving a bald spot that can be seen. It’s also bad that most of this valuable donor hair has been chewed up and destroyed, leaving me with not much to utilize for future gathering. To make things even worse, his staff was rough with the transferred hairs, so they didn’t grow. Many women I know have FUE, and most of the time I don’t comprehend why they would desire to do it. They have to shave off some of the back of their heads, and I can see through their thick, long hair that they have a rectangle-shaped area where their hair growth has slowed down. Why do women have to shave their heads for FUE? Since that’s the only trick you know. I feel so sad about that again. FUE is a tool that should only be utilized by an adept expert who knows how to utilize it correctly on the right person. It’s true that if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If there is only one approach to perform something, then everyone has to be able to work with that approach. Every day, I turn down between 30 and 50 percent of the people who desire to see me for a meeting because they aren’t excellent candidates right now or will become bad candidates in the future. We should not let greed get in the form of being smart. I’m going to get off my soapbox now, but I really hope that you find a surgeon who is honest, enthusiastic, adept, and has an amazing crew to do your surgery. This surgeon should be able to customize the process to your necessities based on your gender, the amount of hair loss, your desires, the donor supply, and other elements. You have to reflect about a plenty of aspects to find the best process for you.

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