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What Should You Do After Your Micropigmentation Procedure?

It is vital to follow every step of the post-procedure guidelines to achieve the best result after a scalp micropigmentation Chicago. You will get advice from a hair micropigmentation specialist on what you should do right after the procedure. Every SMP client has different needs. But, here are the five general practices after undergoing a scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago treatment for hair loss.

Keep Your Scalp Dry

Don’t wash your scalp after a microblading scalp Chicago procedure for four to five days. Also, avoid activities or exercises that can make you sweat during the first few days. Shampooing or scrubbing is discouraged after getting a hairline microblading Chicago. Scrubbing can open minor wounds and make you susceptible to infections. Meanwhile, some shampoos contain irritating, harsh chemicals.

Avoid Touching Your Scalp

Touching your scalp after getting a hair tattoo Chicago is like touching an open wound. So, it is highly discouraged to do so as it could cause the transfer of infections and pathogens from other surfaces to minor wounds on your scalp. If your scalp is itchy, ask your practitioner for the best remedy.

Wash Scalp before Next Visit

Clean and shave your head a few weeks prior to your follow-up procedure. Utilize clean water and non-fragrance soap to wash the scalp in a gentle manner. Also, shave after two weeks and do not use any harsh chemicals like fragrances and shampoos.

Maintain Follow-Up Visits

SMPs have no standard number of procedures. In some patients, they get their desired result after only a few procedures. The number of visits you need will be determined by the practitioner according to your scalp size/area, personal preferences, hair loss issue, and observed developments.

Long-term SMP Aftercare

Stay away from chlorinated pools as a long-term aftercare. You may start swimming after 30 days of your final procedure. But, it’s better to wait longer. Spas and steam rooms/saunas are also discouraged during the first four weeks. Also, protect your scalp against direct exposure to UV light. The ultraviolet rays irritate and delay healing. One way to resolve UV concerns is to apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home, so make sure to buy an SPF 50+ sunscreen.

We provide premium quality scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago for patients with thinning hair, hair loss, or alopecia. Our goal is to deliver affordable and 100% effective solutions.


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