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Will Scalp Micropigmentation Work with Grey Hair?

Scalp micropigmentation or SMP is usually among the most effective solutions for hair loss today. It provides results that look real, is ideal for both women and men, and works with different hair colors. However, the primary concern related to scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago is its ability to blend with gray hair. People grow gray hair because of aging when the hair follicles lose pigments that provide a natural look. Once the hair’s pigment is gone, the hair will ultimately become gray.

How do practitioners match the treatment with gray hair?

Whatever hair color you have, hair micropigmentation Chicago will still provide a natural-looking result. An expert practitioner will begin the process by diluting a carbon-based pigment combined with distilled water to attain the color you desire. Also, the practitioner will adjust the color by adding more or reducing the water to get the pigment’s shade and tone according to how gray the client’s hair is. This process is done with precision with the help of a syringe to measure the water before adding it into the pigment.

Achieving the right shade and tone ideal for the client is the practitioner’s job. So, it is best to go to a reputable scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago clinic to attain a highly personalized look.

What happens to your SMP when your hair becomes gray?

Many people who got scalp micropigmentation Chicago done are weary of seeing how their treatment will turn out once their hair starts graying. Unlike what you might have heard, your SMP treatment will not look awkward. It is thanks to the required length of hair to maintain after getting a scalp micropigmentation. Most practitioners ask their clients to shave their heads entirely once or twice a week to keep a clean look. No matter what color your hair has, brown, blonde, black, or gray, it will still look grayish when you keep it shaved closely.

Follow aftercare procedures 

The main thing you should look after is maintaining your SMP treatment. Detailed instructions on the aftercare will be provided by your practitioner, which will allow you to take care of your treatment.

The said treatment is meant to work with different hair colors, including gray hair. Consider scalp micropigmentation as the best hair loss treatment Chicago.

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