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Can People Easily Tell That You Have Had Scalp Micropigmentation Done?

Since they don’t want their heads to stand out like sore thumbs, many individuals who are experiencing hair loss are often discouraged from seeking treatments. We strongly advise trying scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago if you’re looking for a painless procedure that will revitalize your scalp. SMP uses small, layered dots in different colors of black to simulate a shadow on the scalp rather than attempting to produce hairlike lines. The pointillism method is used to provide the impression of depth and definition in nature.

Is SMP noticeable?

A common cosmetic procedure for hair loss or thinning hair is scalp micropigmentation. It has also been called a hair tattoo Chicago. Scalp micropigmentation is now one of the most well-liked hair loss treatments Chicago due to its invisible and natural outcomes. With the use of thin, microscopic needles, a practitioner applies small spots of color to the scalp. These flecks provide the appearance of fuller hair. Permanent inks of cosmetic grade are used during scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation Chicago, when done by a qualified expert, may cover up bald areas. Most individuals, even family members, are unable to tell a natural follicle from an SMP one.

It’ll be more noticeable if SMP is performed on the top and crown of your head since that is where your hair is thinning and you keep your sides long. However, it’ll be more visually cohesive if you style your hair to go with your SMP treatment or if your treatment is carried out to better complete your hairdo. The pigments are meant to be within the same color range as your hair. There are no extra colors or chemicals in the pigment. It must be touched up since it will eventually fade. Over time, it won’t become blue or green in color.

To Sum Up

This process was developed as a remedy for many scalp and hair issues. At its best, scalp micropigmentation gives the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. It may even qualify as a hair concealer. It injects a large number of microdots under the cover layer of the scalp to provide a realistic look. The scalp’s well-blended micropigmentation is unnoticeable. Therefore, it depends on what you’re worried about being noted for. If you are worried about looking unnatural, go with a knowledgeable stylist and an easy-to-maintain hair style to go with your scalp micropigmentation. There are no large incisions created on the scalp since the treatment is non-invasive. When compared to other current chemical-based hair treatments, this process is the safest.

Let’s say you want to schedule a scalp micropigmentation Chicago session. When that happens, OM Spa Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago is the company you need! We are aware of the challenges brought on by hair loss. We recognize the difficulties you have on a daily basis. Our close buddy received the procedure after experiencing significant confidence loss and hair loss. We are uniquely qualified by our expertise to provide people the understanding support and information necessary to regain their hairline and, most importantly, their confidence.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement: An Alternative to Surgical Procedures

Dealing with hair loss is seldom a pleasant experience, whether your hair is thinning all over your head or receding at the temples.

Fortunately, it’s no longer necessary to watch your hair gradually become thinner if you have a hereditary propensity for male pattern baldness.

There are several choices available to help you preserve and maintain your hairline, ranging from treatments like hair transplantation to drugs like finasteride.

If taking medicine or having surgery doesn’t seem enticing to you, non surgical hair replacement Chicago could be an option you’ve thought about.

A hair “system,” which is really a fancy way of saying a toupée, is used for non-surgical hair replacement Chicago. The form and texture of many current hair systems Chicago are identical to your genuine hair, unlike the toupées of the past. Others even use human hair that is grown naturally.

Non-surgical hair replacement systems offer benefits, but they also have certain drawbacks that you should be aware of if you’re thinking about using them to treat your hair loss.

The definition of non-surgical hair replacement and an explanation of how non-surgical hair replacement products function is provided below.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement: What Is It?

The phrase “non-surgical Chicago hair restoration” has two distinct meanings. The first type refers to any non-surgical method of treating men’s pattern baldness.

This is a fairly broad area with a wide range of items, including vitamins, shampoos to stop hair fall, hair care tools, and a few other treatments. Hair loss drugs like minoxidil and finasteride are included in this group.

The latter is more precise. It describes a select group of hair replacement items worn on or applied to the scalp to restore hair loss as a result of male pattern baldness.

These include a variety of customized and off-the-shelf hair replacement “systems” in addition to non-surgical treatments like scalp micropigmentation Chicago.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Tiny, tattooed dots are used during the non-surgical process known as scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, to give the illusion of fuller hair. Although it doesn’t replace hair, the dots that micropigmentation creates on the scalp may conceal bald spots and mimic the appearance of thicker hair.

Alopecia areata, scarring alopecias, and male pattern baldness are just a few of the hair loss conditions that may be treated cosmetically by micropigmentation.

It may also be used to hide scarring following hair transplant surgery, which, when done using outdated methods, can result in scars that are plainly apparent and parts of the scalp where little to no hair grows.

Scalp hair micropigmentation is a non-surgical alternative for addressing hair loss, and it has benefits and drawbacks. The following are the benefits of scalp micropigmentation Chicago:

  • Simplicity. Micropigmentation of the scalp is a non-surgical process. As a result, it doesn’t result in the same level of discomfort, or recuperation time as surgeries like hair transplant surgery.
  • a lack of upkeep. The pigmentation is placed on your scalp once, and the process is finished for the long term and often doesn’t need any upkeep.


The following are some drawbacks of scalp micropigmentation:

  • In essence, it is a tattoo. Remember that you are essentially receiving many tattoos on the afflicted region. This implies that as your skin matures, the ink’s hue may vary.
  • Cost. Despite being typically less costly than hair transplant surgery, scalp micropigmentation is still a very pricey operation.


Are Non-Surgical Hair Replacements Worth Trying?

If you’d like to avoid surgery, non-surgical hair replacement systems and techniques like scalp micropigmentation may provide a number of benefits for you.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation: Is It Worth The Cost?

It’s crucial to consider if scalp micropigmentation Chicago is really worthwhile before making a decision to use the procedure. Not only financially, but also in terms of how it will make you feel about yourself. Below, we go through the benefits of scalp micropigmentation to aid you in making the best choice possible.

The terrible reality is that 50% of males over 50 may have hair loss in some way. Even though everyone is aware of it, not everyone finds it simple to accept. particularly if it occurs to you.

This is why it is so critical that novel therapies like scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago become available. Contrary to hair transplants, which have a history of leaving scars and failing, hair tattoos Chicago provide a more durable alternative that may completely change your life.

A whole scalp micropigmentation Chicago procedure resembles a shaven head even up close. Additionally, you may use it to provide the illusion of a full head of hair by adding density to a scalp that is thinning.

You may have a whole different perspective on yourself and life when the therapy is through. You may acquire confidence at work and in your personal life while managing concerns about hair loss much more effortlessly.

Your ability to begin losing your hair at any age is unrestricted. While elderly males are more likely to experience it, it may also happen to younger age groups.

Scalp micropigmentation is the ideal hair loss treatment Chicago for any problem brought on by heredity, hormones, or anything else. The ability to once again have a full head of hair is fantastic news for men of all ages. The same is true for your self-esteem, just as it permits you to repair your hairline.

What is the price of scalp micropigmentation Chicago?

Scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago has several advantages for your lifestyle and you. However, you’ll also want to know how much it will cost you. Depending on how much therapy is required for the skin, prices will change. Treatment may include such things as:

  • Scars 
  • Hairline receding
  • Entire head
  • Top of head


The cost of your specific therapy will be given to you after your free consultation.

You should refrain from choosing a therapy purely on the basis of cost. Cost is significant, but there are other things to take into account. Since this is a semi-permanent procedure, you should make sure the business you pick provides a comprehensive and competent service rather than simply the lowest price to entice you to utilize them.

Your mental health is impacted by how you look. Therefore, even while choosing a budget alternative might result in financial savings, you don’t want to subsequently regret making a poor decision. To learn more about the service and how it may benefit you, get in contact with us right now to schedule a free consultation.


How You Can Regain Your Hair Density & Look Years Younger with Scalp Micropigmentation?

The question “Can I have Scalp hair Micropigmentation to add density to my current hairline without having to shave my head?” is one that clients often ask. and almost always, the response is yes! If you want to cover up regions where there is a lot of difference between the scalp and real hair because of thinning, scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago is a great option. Without having to shave their heads, both men and women may opt to get Scalp Micropigmentation to add depth to their current hairline. Customers who are suffering any sort of hair loss are highly encouraged to learn more about the many ways that scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment Chicago may transform their lives.

What Benefits Do Longer Hair Have for Scalp Micropigmentation?

A fantastic approach to giving existing hair the appearance of density is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Both men and women may undergo therapy that produces results that seem amazingly natural with careful and exact application. In this sort of treatment, our goal is to blend in with the client’s natural hair color and hairline. This is only viable if the client has some scattered thinning and an unaltered hairline. Existing hair must be distributed evenly across the area to produce a perfectly natural appearance since Scalp Micropigmentation treatments do not physically lengthen existing hair.

Do not be discouraged by the fact that many of our customers come in to cover bald areas on their heads and many more are entirely bald. For this process, you don’t need to shave. In order to “fill in” bald patches, Hairline Ink has created a unique Scalp Micropigmentation process. Although Scalp Micropigmentation or hair tattoo Chicago is most often performed on a totally shaved head, many patients choose this procedure to fill in bald patches or areas of thinning hair, therefore shaving is not required in these situations. Evenly distributed hair around the head is required for this kind of treatment to seem natural.

Which Hair Types Add Density Best?

Diffuse Thinning and Female Pattern Hair Loss are both the greatest forms of hair loss for Scalp Micropigmentation because they both result in thinning hair with an unbroken hairline, which is the optimum situation for Scalp Micropigmentation treatments on longer hair. In contrast to balding in a single, concentrated spot, hair often thins out more or less with scattered thinning and overall female pattern hair loss. This enables our professionals to cover up any places where there may be thinning hair or bald spots.


Here Are a Few Tips for Shaving After Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Having a favorite hairstyle is common amongst most people and having a scalp micropigmentation Chicago treatment doesn’t take that away from you. A good question to ask is what are the dos and don’ts of shaving once you get SMP? Here are some things to think about after you get a scalp micropigmentation to maximize your look. 

Thinning sides 

SMP is a great choice for scalps that begin to thin out on the sides. The way this is done is by adding more definition to the hair at the top. If you employ a tapered or faded style but your hair is thicker on the top, getting a scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago can work wonders for you. 

Thinning on top

Another option is to use this same hair tattoo Chicago procedure to the top of your head. This will blend your thinning areas with the thicker hair causing a more appealing look. When this is done you have endless possibilities of how to wear your hair while looking completely natural. 

Fully shaved head 

Men who have got hair micropigmentation Chicago done usually choose a natural-looking shaved head style to compliment their hairline tattoo. If you have visible bald spots or a hairline that recedes, professionals can reshape your hair to fit your face in an organic way that looks natural when the job is complete. An electric shaver is great for getting rid of unwanted hairs you may encounter. When you combine this with hair loss treatment Chicago the results are amazing. 

If you want to get a full shaved look, here are three methods you can implement to maintain it on your own at home: 

  • Hair Clippers – For new shavers, this is a more convenient method than using razors. One reason for this is that your scalp is less likely to be irritated with this approach.
  • Electric shaver – Because the blades are smaller this process is a little more tedious to undertake and requires several swipes over your scalp. Pick between a rotary shaver with longer blades and a foil shaver that gives you a closer shave. 
  • Wet shaving – Experts recommend this option over the other ones because it leads to a cleaner cut. Making this move leads to less skin irritation and better results for hairline microblading Chicago.

Choosing the Right Hair Loss Treatment Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Has hair loss or thinning hair become a problem for you? If so then know you are not the only one. People on average lose around 50 to 100 hairs every day. With that being said, losing more is a problem. 

If you notice an extreme amount of hair loss then a great option to fix this is scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation Chicago or SMP is a procedure that can give off the look that you desire. 

If you find yourself in this position it’s best to contact scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago experts to help you. However, because there are so many companies that provide this service how do you find the one that’s best for you?

Clinician’s Experience

Experience in hair tattoo Chicago is a vital part of picking your specialist. When you are working with an experienced professional you will often see a correlation between that experience doing hairline tattoo Chicago and their skill level so choose wisely. 

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Reading the reviews that former customers have had about a professional will give you a valuable look at what impression the hair loss treatment gives off. 

Clinic’s Portfolio

Moving forward, if neither one of these sets someone apart, take a look at their portfolio to get an idea of what variety of hair lost treatment Chicago they have dealt with. 

Assess the Clinic’s Cleanliness 

Hair Micropigmentation is a tedious operation where all the needles must be kept sterile at all times to avoid any bacteria while puncturing the skin and placing ink inside.

SMP Specialist’s Demeanor 

This process of microblading scalp Chicago can be an emotional one for some people because it deals with your image of yourself. For this reason, you need to find a professional who will understand your pain. 

You should be at peace throughout the entire scalp micropigmentation Chicago process knowing that you are in good hands. Another thing to look for is someone who is passionate about this craft and has the expertise to handle any situation. 

This is a very important decision for you so after you gather all the information you need take precautions with your final decision. Choosing just anyone will not do. Using this blueprint you should be able to find the right SMP clinic in your local area.

Causes of Uneven Hairline and How Hairline Tattoo Can Fix It?

There are hundreds and hundreds of hair follicles that come together to create the natural frame surrounding your face. In reality there are only a small percentage of people who have a perfectly designed hairline. Hairline that is uneven or changing rapidly can be a sign of something called male pattern baldness. Having a scalp micropigmentation Chicago job done is a way to fix this issue permanently and give you a fuller, more symmetrical hairline that matches with your face.

Possible Causes of Hairline Loss

A hairline that regresses evenly as you get older is thought to be a common sign of aging. However some people both men and women, start to notice these changes happening at an earlier age. We all understand that hair loss at this early stage of your life can be challenging to a person’s psyche. The need for hair loss treatment Chicago could scare a person of this age because they fear losing all their hair. It’s good to know what has caused this problem if you do encounter it.

Three major issues can typically be attributed to an uneven hairline.
Genetic Makeup

Adverse situations such as stress and age can cause your hairline to begin to recede. Even though this can be a factor in determining your hairline’s fate it is most of the time due to genetics. Close relatives such as uncles or cousins that have uneven hairlines can cause a ripple effect on your own hairline meaning it is likely you will also experience this.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a common diagnosis that affects almost 50 million men in America yearly. This is also known as androgenetic alopecia. A telltale sign of this issue is having a receding hairline. One way to detect it early is if you have a M-shaped hairline pattern or thinning hair at the crown of your head. As time goes on your hair will go from full to just a horseshoe shaped pattern on the back of your head.

DHT or dihydrotestosterone causes androgenetic alopecia along with your genetic makeup as expressed earlier. The sensitivity of your hair follicles is directly related to your genetics and can be affected by your family tree. Those with hair follicles more vulnerable to DHT frequently go through more hair loss than others without them.

Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is caused by tension that is present at the root of your hair follicles and causes them to fall out leading to hair loss. This can be triggered by tight hairstyles such as braids that are pulling on your hair constantly or even wearing tight head garments such as caps and bonnets. Too much brushing can also lead to this issue.

Hair Tattoo

Hairline tattoo Chicago is a great hair loss treatment option and has the ability to renew your hairline for good without dangerous creams and other chemicals associated with surgery. This is a great alternative and is a non-invasive procedure that seeks to blend micro dots of pigment to surround your already present hair follicles creating a full and natural look.

At OM Spa Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago, you will get to work with an experienced professional that will give you great results that will reinvigorate your look in no time. In situations where you don’t know what your original hairline looked like we can work with you to make a new one that fits you perfectly.

We employ artists that are detail oriented which makes them the perfect practitioners for your hair. Hairline tattoo Chicago is also great for women no matter what skin tone they have or hair color.

Useful Information Before Deciding on Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago is a popular new service based on its convenience, affordable price tag, and realistic look. This is a serious procedure that requires a professional artist who is experienced in the field to complete it. Check out this list below to get more details and the six areas to study before scheduling your scalp micropigmentation Chicago:

Finding Experienced Practitioners

Selecting the correct artist for your procedure is critical to its success. At our company, we have creativity and technical skills that were developed during training. Every practitioner is extremely experienced as a tattoo artist. The final effect will greatly be affected by the level at which the practitioner is on and this is why it’s important to go with a professional from the very beginning.


Once you pick which practitioner you want to help you out on your journey. Hair loss treatment Chicago begins with a comprehensive review which is an overview of our hair loss circumstances and determines the correct solution. Our team will review your hair loss journey and suggest a hair loss treatment Chicago.

Questions To Ask

While your consultation is taking place it is important to ask questions. Asking questions gives you the option to learn more extensively about the topic. Examples:

  • Which practitioner will be doing my treatment?
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • What did their training process look like and who completed it?
  • Which pigment does the company prefer?
  • How many sessions should I book?
  • In the event that there are any scars what do the results look like?
  • What is the price of the treatment?


Type of Haircut

There is a variety of different issues we are able to fix with scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago. These include balding’s, receding hairline, thin hair, hiding scars, alopecia camouflage, and many more. Every customer is different. Consider getting a buzz cut or a short hair stubble whenever you have a large bald surface. A shaved head is considered an appealing and natural style for the majority of men so keeping your shave looking good after your hairline microblading Chicago treatment calls for you to do your part.

If the sides of your head are the affected areas due to thinning, getting a tapered hairstyle and SMP treatment can take care of your thinner areas. If the thinning is occurring at the top and your hairline is still intact then you have the ability to keep your hair long while we examine your scalp for the issue.

Prepping for your Treatment

Since you have already picked who you want to perform the procedure and have the appointment scheduled, make sure you check every box on what you need to complete.

Take into consideration keeping your scalp moist and cutting it the night before. Always remember to moisturize your scalp at least twice a day to soften the skin. If you want then you have the option to cut your hair on the same day as your operation. But keep in mind that if you shave your head it’s important to do it at least a few days in advance.

A Full Hairline Can Add Confidence and Improve Self-esteem

Hair facts: About 25% of men with hereditary male pattern baldness experience loss of hair before turning 21. Hair gets thinner as we grow old, and around age 50, almost 85% of men will significantly show this trend. 

A full hairline is a source of confidence and self-esteem. A receding hairline can be problematic, but having it under control is the best way to look and feel young. One technique to beat a receding hairline is a hairline tattoo, but if you had given a thought to this possibility you might be wondering how much you’d have to spend. If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment Chicago has to offer, keep reading for further information that can help you make the best decision. 

Introducing The Hairline Tattoo

Also called scalp micropigmentation, it basically means we’ll add color to your skin to give the illusion of hair. The artists for scalp micropigmentation Chicago men prefer can perform thousands of miniature dots in your scalp area that shows the hair thinning. The best scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago market offers is characterized by achieving a texture that mimics the natural look of the hair follicles on the skin. 

The difference between a regular tattoo and the hair tattoo Chicago clients are looking for, is that hairline tattoos require a more accurate microneedle. This facilitates the job of meticulously reproducing the hair follicle appearance. The type of ink used is also different, as hairline tools go only through two layers of skin unlike the five layers of a conventional tattoo. 

Boost Your Confidence 

Truth is, the enhanced look of a hairline tattoo can have a positive effect on your self-image, as conventionally hair loss can be seen as a sign of age or unattractiveness. Don’t waste your money on scam products. The optimal hair lost treatment Chicago men need is a hairline tattoo with immediate results. 

Natural Appearance 

Hairline tattoos aim to achieve a look that closely resembles hair follicles. To achieve this picture, it is necessary to design an even pattern all over your skin. When you hire a professional on hairline tattoo Chicago locals trust, you will quickly get a natural-looking hairline that some people might not even notice. 

Low Discomfort

The scalp is a sensitive area, so you can expect a certain level of pain with a tattoo. However, when performed by the top artists for hair micropigmentation Chicago has, it shouldn’t be as painful as a regular tattoo. After 72 hours the discomfort should go away. Make sure your scalp doesn’t get wet during this period.

Ditch Everyday Routines

Most hair loss products require daily habits and routines that can last for months before they start showing results. A hairline tattoo takes only three to four sessions with immediate results. 


Hair tattoos are not only useful for bald men. The more hair follicles, the smaller price you pay per tattoo. You can also ask about the beard micropigmentation Chicago guys are going for. 

On the other hand, women can also benefit from this technique. Up to 40% of women can show hair loss signs by the age of 40. Depending on the type of hair loss, this can be the way for women too. 

Long-term Investment

When performed by the best professionals for hairline microblading Chicago offers, you can expect your hair tattoo to last three to six years. You don’t need an everyday time and resource investment, you can get by with only periodic touch ups if your tattoo starts to fade.

Few Sessions

Typically you will need three to four sessions that last up to four hours. They will be spaced every two or three weeks. The price will depend on the number of sessions needed. 

Get It Done

Now that you know the elements that impact the investment needed for a hair tattoo, such as the surface to cover, as well as all the benefits, you might be ready to make a decision. Call today to get a quote with a friendly payment plan.

Will Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago Affect My Hair Growth?

A hair tattoo Chicago, also called scalp micropigmentation. This process is a permanent yet cost-effective hair loss treatment Chicago. With scalp micropigmentation, little amounts of pigment are put into both of the top layers of your dermis, which is the overall top layer of your skin; to look like growing hair follicles. Hair tattooing’s primary purpose is to fill bald spots and make your hair appear to be fuller and thicker.

Will A Hair Tattoo Harm My Hair Follicles?
Questioning the risks of scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago is totally understandable. This process starts with inserting a needle and pigment next to or above your hair follicles. Hair will grow just as before the hair micropigmentation Chicago treatment started.

A good way to picture the process is to think of hair follicles as a vase and the hair sticking out as a flower. Picture the vase as being 4mm deep. During your scalp micropigmentation Chicago treatment ink is inserted 2mm deep which is half the follicle depth. Microneedles never reach the follicle and are harmless so they don’t affect hair growth in the future.

A common question is will the ink interfere with my hair growth? The pigments they use for scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago are not the same as tattoo ink. However, tattoo ink does not slow hair growth either. In some cases tattooed men that have thicker body hair will choose to shave or remove it to show off their tattoos. You get a natural look with hair tattoo pigments that are similar to short hairs of a tight buzz-cut.

What if My Hair Growth Slows after a Hair Tattoo?
Naturally hair growth goes in cycles from slow to fast. If you have received a hair lost treatment Chicago and notice slower growth, it’s an issue not related to the treatment. This is just a regular side effect of hair-growth cycles.

On average people have about 100,000 hair follicles on their head and more throughout their body. There are three phases in which hair grows out of these:

Anagen Phase. This phase is often referred to as the growth phase. This involves hair growing from the root. This phase usually lasts from three to seven years.

Catagen Phase. This is known as the transition phase. Growth slows down during this period as follicles start to shrink. This phase usually lasts between two and four months.

Telogen Phase. This is called the resting or regenerating phase. This is when the hair falls out so new hair can form in those same follicles. This phase lasts for about four months on average.

None of these phases tend to all happen at once. Losing 50 to 100 stands daily is normal especially when comparing this to the 100,000 follicles you have.

Can I Pursue Regrowth Treatments after Scalp Micropigmentation?
Clients love microblading scalp Chicago treatments and have left many positive reviews for OM Spa. At OM Spa microblading scalp Chicago we often hear about the good experiences of our customers who choose scalp micropigmentation. Even after your treatment feel free to continue to use regrowth products or hair transplants. Our scalp micropigmentation treatments will not prevent the success of other products. We do recommend that you don’t get a scalp tattoo for at least 6-12 months before scheduling a hair transplant and vice versa. Refrain from using topical regrowth products before your micropigmentation treatment at least for 30 days before you start your sessions and after they are complete. This allows your scalp to properly heal and lets the pigment settle void of chemical interference.

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding micropigmentation, we are happy to give you more details if you’re considering this service. Our expert technicians are here to guide you through every step of the process and help you make the right decision for your particular situation.