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Do hairline tattoos hurt?

Most people don’t like feelings of pain or discomfort, so if you are considering a hair tattoo in Chicago, it can be a concern. There are certain factors to remember when speaking about pain and scalp micropigmentation in Chicago.

State of Mind Going into the Appointment
You may feel nervous or anxious about getting your scalp hair micropigmentation in Chicago, and that’s perfectly understandable. Remember that any discomfort felt is only temporary. Focus on the excitement of recreating your hairline and that can help calm your nerves.

Your Experience and Pain Threshold
You may have had a body tattoo done or maybe not, but you have certainly felt pain throughout your life and you have dealt with it in the past. Know that the needle size used for scalp micropigmentation in Chicago is much smaller than a standard tattoo needle and does not go as deep.

Any scalp surgeries you have had previously may cause some extra discomfort as those scarred areas can be more sensitive to pain.

Tattoo Size and the Session Duration
The area of your to be covered will determine the duration of your session. You may need multiple appointments to complete the hair tattoo as you would like it. The areas closer to your face may feel more sensitive and there are other areas of the scalp that may offer tingling sensations or the urge to sneeze.

How to Diminish the Discomfort and Pain
There are several ways to make the scalp hair micropigmentation session more comfortable and less painful:

  •       Avoid hunger and put your body at ease with a good meal prior to the session.
  •       Keep yourself hydrated before and during the appointment. That will allow you to take breaks as you need them.
  •       Focus on your breathing to distract you from what is happening.
  •       Use your mobile device to play music or even watch a good movie. This will occupy your mind.
  •       It’s alright to take breaks and walk around so you can reset and begin again.

Because pain is relative, you will feel something unique to you, but remember that any pain felt is fleeting and having your hair micropigmentation in Chicago will achieve the goal you’re looking for on your scalp.

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