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Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

One of the main leading reasons why people experience extreme hair loss is because of androgenetic alopecia. Searching for a hair loss treatment is not as hard anymore. If you want a solution that doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain, Chicago’s scalp micropigmentation is the answer. It only takes two to three visits to the clinic and barely any maintenance. It’s a process that will always give you an excellent looking buzz cut every time.

Now, if you’re wondering if scalp hair micropigmentation is permanent, well, it’s not. It is considered to be semi-permanent in the sense that you need to keep it maintained for three to five years since it will lighten over time. Since hair micropigmentation falls under the category of permanent makeup, it’s understood that the treatment takes some time, and it is something that you can’t take off the next day. Most of the time, sessions are scheduled with two to three treatments that usually last between two to three hours to finish.

The lifespan of scalp hair micropigmentation is usually three to five years. When you’ve reached that period, you may see some minimal lightening of treatment. However, it won’t result in discoloration. When this happens, a touch-up session will take place to bring the treatment back to its original look. Now, there are a couple of tips that you can follow to prevent your hair micropigmentation from fading throughout time.

Avoiding direct exposures to harmful UV rays is one of the best ways to prevent your scalp micropigmentation from fading. Make sure to apply sunscreen on your scalp whenever you need to go out in the sun. Another thing that you can do is moisturize your scalp at least once a day. Lastly, ensure to use natural tea tree oil-based exfoliating cleansers on your scalp to remove dead skin flakes and other debris.

With our hair loss treatment in Chicago, you can make sure to have great looking hair every day of the week! We offer affordable prices, and you can rest assured the result is more than what you expect. Call us today!

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