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IS SMP effective on dark skin tones?

Scalp Micropigmentation is gaining popularity not only in Chicago but also around the world. Yet, many are still asking questions like why they should or shouldn’t get this procedure. Among the most common questions is if scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago works for people with darker skin.

How Pigment Color Affects Skin Tone?

Hair micropigmentation Chicago involves the application of pigments in a client’s hair follicles through injection. It means that the procedure will work for both individuals with light and dark skin tones. In terms of hair follicles, people with darker skin have larger hair follicles than those with lighter skin tones. For this reason, our professionals apply more pigment to people with darker skin tones to make them look natural.

What shade is ideal for my dark skin?

The answer is easy: our OM Spa Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago experts will give you professional advice that will allow you to be at ease and choose what is best for you. There are various shades to choose from, you may pick the one you prefer and is the most suitable for your skin tone.

What about the fading of pigmentation?

All Hairline tattoo Chicago services offered in clinics naturally fade over time. For people with lighter skin tone, this will allow their scalp to appear more natural, because they require smaller dots of pigment.

Meanwhile, darker skin toned clients can’t take advantage of this process. They need a well-defined hairline with bigger dots of pigment which are easier to apply. It shows that pigmentation for darker skin-toned individuals is easier to handle. Compared to people with lighter skin, pigmentation also usually looks better for those with darker skin.


The facts mentioned above show that SMP works best for people with darker skin tones. With our professional’s help, you can achieve the result you imagined and be confident with your new look.


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