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Which tools are needed to perform scalp micropigmentation?

Like any other treatments and procedure, utilizing the right tools can only provide the best scalp micropigmentation in Chicago. An expert scalp micropigmentation specialist still requires high-end equipment to do the job well, although they are good on their own. Scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago procedures are complex and technical, involving specialized tools and careful processes. During a session, what SMP practitioners do is put small amounts of pigment into the scalp through injection to make a realistic illusion of hair follicles. Hair micropigmentation Chicago utilizes needles, pen machines, sterile gloves, proper pigment, and other safety equipment.

Scalp Micropigmentation Pigment

Practitioners will use specially designed inks to the scalp. These inks have different qualities which are determined by the manufacturer and are made with natural ingredients.


Usually, practitioners of microblading scalp Chicago utilize a lightweight pen machine that is efficient and stable. Some pens feature interchangeable stroke suits, providing better flexibility for various styles of scalp pigmentation.

Power Supply

For better voltage and speed control, the appropriate power supply is vital. Not having enough power sources will cause difficulty for the pen to travel through the first layer of the skin or the epidermis. As a result, the SMP session will not provide its promised outcome.


Knowing the equipment being used by your SMP provider during your treatment is very important. Choose a reliable SMP provider that only utilizes specially designed equipment for scalp micropigmentation.

Receiving service from a practitioner who has the right tools will ensure a better experience and result. Scalp micropigmentation is meant to be a safe procedure that provides exceptional results in a very comfortable way. If you want the best hairline microblading Chicago, ask us about our available service options.



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