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The Definition of Hairline and What Is Considered as a Good/Bad Hairline?

A hairline is an area where hair begins to grow on your head, usually above your forehead. Everybody’s hairline is different and is affected by the shape of your face, your weight, the type of hair you have, and your genetics. A hairline plays a dramatic part in your overall good looks, and as people age, your hairline may change. This is especially true for men but affects many women too. Hairlines are passed down genetically from your parents. You can check your parent’s and your children’s hairlines to check for similarities. Diet, hormones, and lifestyle all play a role in defining your hairline.

What is considered a good hairline?

For men, a U-shaped headline is typical and is generally 6 to 8 cm above the eyebrow. For women, a hairline 5 to 6 cm above the eyebrow is common. A widow’s peak is more common in women but can be found in men too. A good hairline does not make your forehead look too big or too small and gives your hairdresser a more manageable time styling your hair.

What is considered a bad hairline?

A hairline that begins high up on your forehead can indicate an early sign of baldness in the case of men and women. Hormones, genetics, stress, and lifestyle habits all can contribute to a receding hairline and hair loss. Book a consultation with us and we will suggest what hair loss treatment Chicago might help. Get back to looking beautiful once again.  



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