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Is Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago Painful? What Determinates the Level of Pain?

As scalp, hairline, and beard micro-pigmentation gains more popularity with successful results and excellent customer satisfaction, Om Spa Chicago can answer all your questions and concerns you may have about this popular procedure.

One of the first questions Om Spa clients have about hair tattoo Chicago is whether it is painful or not. The good news is that the pain is minimal, it is not as painful as having a traditional tattoo. 

What factors affect the level of pain?

Each person is different, and so is their reaction to micro-pigmentation, microblading, and tattoo procedures:

Pain threshold.

Each client will experience a different amount of discomfort or pain. Personal tolerance to pain differs from person to person. Some people can find it painful, whereas others will merely feel a bit uncomfortable. This is entirely natural.

State of the client.

Being nervous or jittery about these procedures is common and can affect your level of pain tolerance. So making an effort to relax and be calm is helpful. A distraction such as reading a book or listening to music can be extremely worthwhile.

Area to be treated

Hairline microblading Chicago can tend to be a little more sensitive as the skin around your temples, front of the skull, and above your ears are more susceptible to pain stimuli. Just like different parts of your body can experience a lower or higher pain threshold than other areas.

Suppose you are a bit nervous about how much pain you will experience during your facial or scalp micropigmentation Chicago. In that case, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for a pain reliever to control or reduce the pain. Prescription medication such as codeine or Percoset has good results, but commonly used non-prescription drugs such as ibuprofen can work just as well.

Here at Om Spa Chicago, we do our best to make our clients comfortable and relaxed. Services such as hair loss treatments, scalp and beard micropigmentation, and hairline tattoos are all possible with a low level of discomfort. Still, they produce positive outcomes for clients who feel better about themselves and their looks. 



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