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Why scalp micropigmentation might be a better option than an actual hair transplant?

If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment Chicago, you might have stumbled upon many different options. Wondering what makes scalp micropigmentation a better choice than hair transplants? Here is the answer:

In many cases, a non-invasive SMP procedure is easier and faster compared to a hair transplant. The reason is that with hair transplants, you will usually undergo multiple procedures that will cost you both a lot of money, including the aftercare process.

How long these procedures require is also unsure. SMP might require multiple treatments too, but each session only takes no longer than 3 hours. Meanwhile, a hair transplant procedure takes around 8 to 10 hours, not to mention that you also need 24 hours to recover.

Lastly, SMP procedures are less painful and convenient compared to a hair transplant Chicago has to offer. Hair transplant procedures are usually painless, but you are likely to suffer from annoying itches for several days. SMP procedures, on the other hand, only impose a mild discomfort for only a few days.

What Are the Main Benefits of Pigmentation?

If you’re wondering about the advantages of scalp hair micropigmentation Chicago, here is a rundown of the things we found:

First, SMP does what it says it will. Unlike some medications claiming its fantastic hair growth effect, hair micropigmentation is a process where pigment is applied to the scalp. The outcome is exactly how you imagined it to be.

Second, this procedure is a less expensive option compared to hair transplants.

Lastly, the results you get speak for themselves. Hairline microblading or scalp micropigmentation looks realistic compared to the traditional hair transplant. For people who want to look ageless, making your hair look healthier through this beauty innovation is the answer.




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